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If you are looking for ideal conditions for alpine hiking, simple or demanding ridge hikes and beautiful views of the Tatra mountains, visit Rohace. Hiking routes can be found here.

The main ridge of the Western Tatras is about 40 km long and the average peak height of the main ridge is about 2000 m. In the east they start with Osobitá (1687 m) and Roh (1571 m) connecting them with the head of the main ridge – Lúčná (1652 m). The main ridge consists of Rákoň (1876 m), Volovec (2063 m), Ostrý Roháč (2084 m), Plačlivé (2126 m), Tri kopy (2163 m), Baníkov (2178 m), Pachoľa (2166 m), Spálená (2083 m), Salatín (2047 m), Parichvost saddle, Brestová (1902 m), Zuberec (1746 m) and Pálenica saddle. Sivý vrch (1805 m) and Biela skala (1316 m) close the arch in the west.

There are not many mountain lakes in Roháče, the largest being the Dolné Roháčske Pleso with an area of 2.22 ha and a depth of about 7 m. The deepest and the highest situated tarn is Horné Bystré Pleso (1875 m) with a depth of about 12.5 m.

The whole territory of the Western Tatras belongs to the Tatra National Park, therefore it is not permitted to move nor camp outside the designated areas and hiking trails.

Information regarding current conditions of hiking trails is provided by the Mountain Rescue Service at 044/5586218, or

Mountain guides to be found at


Free and technical rock climbing possible on the Vápenka training rock, 2 km away from the Zuberec – Roháčik Apartments. Rock climbing in other locations only permitted when accompanied by a qualified mountain guide.

Skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, alpine skiing

Zuberec offers downhill skiing on well-groomed and artificially snowed slopes of various difficulty in the Janovky resort, with possibility of night skiing also, or in the 8 km distant ski resort of Rohace Zverovka – Spalena.

Ski and snowboard school, rental and service available in every ski resort.

Fans of cross-country skiing will have their choice of trail, as there are more than 10 km of well-maintained trails in the vicinity of Zuberec.

Fans of alpine skiing will surely like to climb up the Salatínska valley above the Spalená ski slope.


Brestovská Cave is just 3 km from Zuberec, the first cave open in Orava and Western Tatras, representing an underground part of an extensive hydrological system. At its bottom there is a river with an active watercourse with seven siphons. The cave has a remarkable morphology of space and rare cave fauna. The longest cave system in Slovakia, Demänovská jaskyňa slobody (Demäňovská Cave of Freedom) and Demänovská ľadová jaskyňa (Demäňovská Ice Cave) are at 40km distance.


The mountainous region of Orava offers cycling routes especially for more demanding cyclists. Challenging cycling routes connecting the regions of Orava, Liptov and Kysuce are designed for skilled athletes.

Easy cycling routes
  • Roháčik – Skanzen
  • Roháčik – Podbiel
  • Oravice – Tichá dolina
Moderately difficult cycling routes
  • Roháčik – Zverovka Spálená
  • Roháčik – Habovka – sedlo Prieková – Oravský Biely Potok
  • Roháčik – Blatná dolina – Oravice
Difficult cycling routes
  • Roháčik – Zverovka Spálená – Tatliakova chata
  • Roháčik – Huty – Kvačianska dolina
  • Roháčik – Oravice – Hladovka – Suchá hora – Nowy Targ
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