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  • Horec (250 m)
  • Oravská izba (300 m)
  • Koliba Josu (350 m)
  • Pizzeria Uno (350 m)
  • Stará krčma (500 m)
  • Koliba Holica (3 km)
  • Cukráreň Katka (250 m)
  • Cukráreň pod Roháčmi (250 m)
Inns, pubs
  • Milotín (250 m)
  • Horec (250 m)
  • Stará krčma – Gasthaus (500 m)
  • Koliba MOD (3 km)
  • Krčma U mlynára (3 km)
Grocery store
  • Shopping center (250 m)
  • Patisserie (600 m)
  • Fruits and vegetables DAFI (300 m)
  • Meat shop Šroba (250 m)

Information office

The tourist information office will be happy to share information about current and planned events in the village and leisure tips. It also provides the sale of maps, postcards and tour guide books.

Bike rental

Bicycle and scooter rental at +421 907 816 793, Radová 315, Zuberec.

Cash machine

Slovak Savings Bank is located 200 m, Prima Bank 250 m from the accommodation.

Florists, Hairdressers, Post Office

At a distance of 200 m from the accommodation.

Rental and sale of sporting goods

In Zuberec you will find several specialized shops and rentals of sports equipment, clothing and accessories. Ski and snowboard rentals can also be found in every ski resort.


If you would like to take a nice present from under the Rohace Mountains, visit one of the shops located in the center of Zuberec. You can choose from a variety of souvenirs, t-shirts and gifts that will remind you of pleasant moments spent in our picturesque region.

History of the village

Rohace and its surroundings were a terra incognita, from the ancient history and historical geography point of view.

The oldest mention of “Zwberczyc” settlement dates back to 1593, with 5 farm houses standing. Due to severe conditions, in 1598 the settlement had not been completely built yet; however, in 1604, after looting during the „Bočkaj uprising”, Zuberec ceased to exist. The resettlement of the village was mentioned 1609, and 15 years later 12 families and about 60 people lived in Zuberec.

During the turbulent period of the 17th century, during the Kuruc fights, the village was repeatedly ravaged, but the greatest damage was caused by soldiers of the Polish King John Sobieski in 1683. The settlers gradually restored the destroyed village and in 1715 Zuberec had 30 farms and a total of about 150 people. However, frequent barren years decimated the population, forcing them to relocate to more fertile regions. Many left to other counties for seasonal agricultural work. In addition to the rise in crafts, locals burned limestone and wove cloth. At the end of the 18th century there were 129 subjects living here, in 1870 the village had 182 houses and 1 007 inhabitants.

Despite the harsh conditions, Zuberec’s population kept on increasing and while in 1961 it had 1 061 inhabitants, there were 1 415 in 1980, 1654 in 1991, and 1837 in 2016.

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Apartmány Roháčik
Záhradná 278,
027 32 Zuberec, Slovensko

Mobil: +421 905 992 565