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Apartments Roháčik,

Záhradná 278,
027 32 Zuberec, Slovensko

Mobil: +421 905 992 565

Frequently asked Questions.

What is the check-in time at the accommodation?

You can check-in any time after 2.30 pm.

Is it possible to park right next to the Roháčik apartment?

Yes, there are several parking places on the spot.

Is there wifi?

Yes, wireless internet connection (WiFi) is available in the whole building.

Is there an ATM cash machine in Zuberec?

Yes, currently there are cash machines of  the SLSP and Prima Bank, which accept cards from other banks also.

Is it possible to rent a baby cot?

Yes, we will prepare a baby cot upon request, subject to availability.

How do I make a binding reservation?

Based on your interest in accommodation in Roháčik apartments, we will send you the details of the advance payment. By paying and crediting the amount to our account, your reservation becomes binding.

Is there a playground at the guest house?

Yes, there is also a playground.

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Apartmány Roháčik
Záhradná 278,
027 32 Zuberec, Slovensko

Mobil: +421 905 992 565