Dedicated to walking and hiking

If you are looking for ideal conditions for alpine tourism, walks and hikes for all abilities and beautiful mountain scenery come to Rohace.
The main ridge of the Western Tatras is about 40 km long and the average height of the peaks is about 2,000 m. This starts in the east with Osobita (1,687 m)and Roh (1571 m) together with the connecting ridge Lucna (1652). Rákoň (1876 m), Volovec (2063m), Ostrý Roháč (2084m), Plačlivé (2126m), Tri kopy (2163m), Baníkov (2178m), Pachoľa (2166m), Spálená (2083m), Salatín (2047m), Parichvost saddle, Brestová (1902m), Zuberec (1746m) and the Pálenica saddle create the main crest. Sivý Vrch (1,805m) and Biela Skala (1316m) complete the circuit of the ridge.
There a few tarns (small mountain lakes) in Rohače. The largest one is Dolné Roháčske Pleso with an area of 2.22 ha and a depth of around 7 m. Horné Bystré Pleso (1,875 m) is the deepest and highest located tarn with a depth of about 12.5 m.
The whole region of the Western Tatras belongs to the Tatra National Park. Walking or camping outside designated sites and walking trails is not permitted.
Information about hiking trails, safety and weather conditions is provided by Mountain Rescue Service. Contact details are: 044/5586218, or
Mountain guides:

Rock climbing

Rock climbing may be practiced as aid climbing or free climbing on Vapenka, located about 2km from Zuberec. Climbing in other locations is only possible if accompanied by a qualified mountain guide.

Skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, ski mountaineering

Zuberec offers wonderful skiing for all standards and efficient lift system. Janovky and Milotín are few minutes car drive from the Guest House and Roháče Zverovka - Spálená is 8 km away. For those discerning visitors who fancy something different, why not try Night Skiing available at each one of the three resorts.
Ski school, ski and snowboard equipment rental and ski service are available in all resorts.
As you would expect of a village with 10km cross-country trails, Zuberec caters for all levels, not least beginners.
Those of you who enjoy ski mountaineering will love the Salatínska Valley situated above Spálená ski slope.